Sunday, November 9, 2008

While on Campus & Odd Fads

So, I was up on campus the other day, just doing my homework in the TSC, when I saw something kind of funny. Have all of you noticed the trend that has started among the ladies? They wear the sporty booty shorts along with boots, not to mention the soccer socks worn and pulled up so high that you can see them above the boot tops. I don't get it. This particular young lady was also wearing a heavy jacket. Why wear a heavy jacket and boots, then wear almost nothing to cover the legs? It just doesn't make sense.

Not to long after witnessing the previously mentioned young lady, another one of my favorites to watch came along, that being one of the skaters. They have started to wear the skinny jeans, and I think it's hilarious! I have come to notice that those type of pants accentuate the feet. Now, lots of girls wear them with heels or dainty shoes, so it not so bad. However, the guys insist on wearing their skater shoes with skinny jeans. Not to offend, but most of these young men have skinny legs anyways, so it looks rather funny to see these skinny legs and then look down and see what almost looks like clown feet. Not only this, but they like to lowride in these pants as well. So the overall appearance looks very comical.

What fad will be next?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Isn't it funny to look back on the fears you had as a child? And to see what happened because of them?

Where I used to live in Smithfield about 8 years ago, we had a long dark hallway in the basement (of which I was afraid of at night). My older sister, Rachel, happened to be in the last room in the hall farthest away from the family room. Beka (another older sister) and I were sleeping in there one night when I was about 6 years old, and Rachel and Beka gave me the job of turning off a lamp in the family room that was left on. Note, this hallway during the nighttime is kind of creepy. Shaking, I ran down the hallway to turn it off. Well, I did so and I spun around to return. The only problem was that I had forgotten to turn on the hallway light on so I could see on my way back. In the rush to turn out the light and go back, I had also forgotten about the large cushioned stool that was sitting in the middle of the floor. Can you see where this is going? Well, as I was saying, I spun around to return and I crashed right into that stool and promptly fell rather ungracefully to the ground. Jumping back up, I frantically ran back to Rachel's room. On my return, I told what had happened and was greeted with laughter. And ever since then, it has been a source of hilarity between my sisters and myself.